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The Service Exchange Project – Week 1 – “Lunch is for wimps.”

Sep 9 • Uncategorized • 1573 Views • No Comments on The Service Exchange Project – Week 1 – “Lunch is for wimps.” • By Steve Teneriello

Well, our stock market experience has been underway for a week now—time to see if our resident Gordon Gekko has made enough to retire yet…

Not quite there yet! But our fledgling portfolio did have a steady, if slightly unspectacular, week of growth. Over the course of the week our sampling of HVAC and plumbing industry stocks grew at a clip of .66% which was good for $23.94 in earnings.

A few observations and notes:

*Our best growth stock was Watsco, which bounced back in a big way after being the culprit for almost half of our losses about mid-week. It finished +1.44 settling right in at $91.05.
Right behind Watsco in terms of growth was Lennox, which we had a great feeling about to begin with. We have a bunch of clients who swear by Lennox products and that was a big reason we bought in. Lennox grew out this week at a rate of 1.51% , bumping it’s price per share up above $70.

*United Technologies was steady all week, never dipping below purchase price and eventually netting us 3 pennies.

*Our only losers this week were Generac, which never really got going at all for us and Watts Water Technologies, which only knocked us down a single cent.
We expect stocks like Honeywell and Generac to become big winners for us in the autumn months as Honeywell’s sales are stimulated by chilly days and Generac’s by hurricane season.

Drop by every week to see how kind or cruel the market has been to us. In the immortal words of Bud Fox, “I’m tapped out.”


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