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The New Rules of Google Enhanced Campaigns – Part 2

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With Google’s July 1st mandate looming, here is the final batch of changes to their enhanced campaigns:

  • Sitelinks will take on an increased role in the new Google enhanced campaigns. It’ll be easier to explain exactly what that role will be if we go over some of the limitations of sitelinks in the current enhanced campaigns or “Legacy” as Google is calling it.
    • Currently, tracking the effectiveness of an individual sitelink is only available if you specifically build out your own unique URL’s and view them through your own analytics program. As it stands now, sitelinks have one single CTR. Determining which one is your front runner is impossible with Google’s current interface.
    • Testing new sitelinks has always been tedious work. Making a change to a single sitelink will frustratingly reset the stats for an entire set.
    • The new Google enhanced campaigns aims to grant us greater power and control over sitelinks. The aforementioned shift in focus to mobile users continues here. New sitelink changes include:
      • Increased granular control over sitelinks at the ad group level. This will bring greater targeting potential to the advertiser.
      • Changes to sitelinks will no longer be applied at the “group level.” This means making a change to a single sitelink will no longer be applied to all sitelinks within an ad group.
      • You’ll also now be able to select which extensions you want featured in your mobile ads. This is one to pay attention to. Having an intimate knowledge of your customer and their intent will become more crucial than ever. For example, when you have customers within a half mile radius frequently seeking directions to your location, you can automatically push a location ad extension to mobile users.
      • Google’s changes will also offer advanced call tracking data. For example, in the new enhanced campaigns, you’ll be able to designate a call over 60 seconds as a lead and a call under 30 seconds as no lead. You’ll also see an increased ability to manage call tracking data to determine the true impact of their internet marketing campaign.
      • New image extensions will allow you to “show and tell” with search ads. This new rule will enable you to add new visual elements to your ads. The new AdWords enhanced capacity for embedded photographs will offer ways to more accurately convey what makes your service or product special. The new image extensions will make your ads richer and more informative and will also help you stand out to consumers in a flooded marketplace.

Ready or not, these changes are coming on July 1st and all campaigns will have to be converted manually. If you don’t get on this soon, Google will automatically convert your campaigns for you, which could cause a logistical nightmare. Don’t wait until the last minute to figure out how these changes will affect you. Each ad campaign has its own set of challenges which will respond variably to these changes. So start planning these conversions as soon as possible because the 1st is just days away.


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Tyler Moran

Content Marketing Manager at Sales and Service Media Group
Tyler is the content marketing manager for The Service Coach. He is a graduate of the University of Vermont and is currently pursuing a degree in digital media from Emerson College. He lives in Boston, Massachusetts where he loves to read, write and enjoy the outdoors with his dog, Otto.

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