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The New Rules of Google Enhanced Campaigns – Part 1

Jun 26 • Advertising, Website • 2606 Views • No Comments on The New Rules of Google Enhanced Campaigns – Part 1 • By Tyler Moran

On July 1st, a series of changes to Google’s enhanced campaign programs will be mandated. In the press release announcing these changes, Google promised the new enhanced campaigns would “deliver the most relevant information to the end user.” As an advertiser, it’s best to know the new rules inside out so you can start bending them to your advantage.

The New Rules:

  • -The type of device is less important than the intent of the customer. Google’s account management features have been consolidated for tablets and desktops. This means that you can no longer separate out tablet traffic from computer traffic. In response to recent studies showing that customers using tablet devices have higher conversion rates than desktop computers, Google has placed tablets on the same playing field as desktops. Their view is that consumers are now relying on tablets to perform the same tasks as their old machines, except with greater frequency. Simply put, the intent of the tablet user is the same as the desktop user, so why differentiate? New ads will have to cater to both tablet and desktop users.
  • -Mobile phones are still the next big thing. In 2013, mobile traffic is predicted to overtake computer traffic. This is the basis behind one of Google’s new rules. Now you can bid more or less for a mobile phone user within the same campaign and adjust your bid depending on their proximity to your business’ physical location. Small to medium sized businesses stand to gain the most from this new rule because they can now make specific, targeted offers to nearby mobile phone users.
  • -Another new rule relating to mobile phones is that you will no longer be able to advertise specifically to an AT&T iPhone user on a search campaign. Google argues that you no longer need such a close level of control because they can figure out the intent of the searcher for you and will show your ad to the correct mobile device. This means that for a large number of campaigns iPhone users will convert differently than Android users.

Watch this space for part 2 later this week…


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Tyler Moran

Content Marketing Manager at Sales and Service Media Group
Tyler is the content marketing manager for The Service Coach. He is a graduate of the University of Vermont and is currently pursuing a degree in digital media from Emerson College. He lives in Boston, Massachusetts where he loves to read, write and enjoy the outdoors with his dog, Otto.

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