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Technology Spotlight: Rinnai RH180 Hybrid Tank-Tankless Water Heater

Oct 10 • Technology • 5509 Views • No Comments on Technology Spotlight: Rinnai RH180 Hybrid Tank-Tankless Water Heater • By Tyler Moran

Did that picture catch your eye? I certainly did a double take the first time I saw it. Looks like one of the pods that kept Neo plugged in the Matrix, right?

It’s actually the new gold standard in tankless water heating technology—the Rinnai RH180. The tankless gurus at Rinnai have really outdone themselves this time. Basically, they took their best performing model and more than doubled both its capability and capacity!

How did they do this? By blending the old with the new. The RH180 is a hybrid of both traditional and tankless water heating technology. It combines the on-demand heating capability of tankless with an efficiently regulated traditional storage tank all in one integrated, water heating solution. The RH180’s unique hybrid design can supply up to 180 gallons of hot water in the very first hour of operation. That’s 2 and ½ times the capacity of a traditional tanked unit!

How does it work? When hot water is used, it exits from the top of the tank, while entering cold water is directed toward the bottom. Sensing the temperature difference, the tankless unit activates and draws cold water from the bottom, turning it into hot water and returning it at the top of the tank. When hot water usage does stop, the RH180 continues circulating the cold water from the bottom and returning it as hot water to the top of the tank until the tank is fully recovered.

The future of in home water heating has arrived. Contact a Rinnai dealer to equip your home with an RH180 today!


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