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Technology Spotlight: Home Automation

Sep 12 • Technology • 3549 Views • 1 Comment on Technology Spotlight: Home Automation • By Tyler Moran

Haven’t you always wanted one of those “smart houses” previously seen only in crappy sci-fi flicks? Well, now they are a reality. (Sort of.) Modern home automation systems focus on the “energy triangle,” which covers the home’s HVAC system, artificial and natural lighting and other electronic systems. Everything encompassed by this “energy triangle” is wired into a central control unit. Here are a few examples of exactly what home automation can do for you:

–If you are arriving home and it’s dark outside, your home automation system will switch on outdoor lights for you.

–If you accidentally lock your keys inside your house, your home automation system will allow to remotely unlock doors with a dedicated app for your smartphone.

–If you are planning on being away from your house for an extended period of time but unintentionally left your heat or A/C running, you can shut it down remotely with that same smartphone app.


–Safety and convenience through remote appliance, lighting and lock control.

–Optional security cameras can be wired into the system.

–Increases convenience and energy savings with remote temperature management.


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Tyler Moran

Content Marketing Manager at Sales and Service Media Group
Tyler is the content marketing manager for The Service Coach. He is a graduate of the University of Vermont and is currently pursuing a degree in digital media from Emerson College. He lives in Boston, Massachusetts where he loves to read, write and enjoy the outdoors with his dog, Otto.

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  1. Calgary says:

    Thanks for sharing this very useful information here with us. Home automation will provide lots of benefits with great security for your home.

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