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Paid Search Glossary

Sep 11 • Uncategorized • 1782 Views • No Comments on Paid Search Glossary • By Tyler Moran

Few professions match the insane amounts of industry jargon tossed around by paid search professionals. When I first started here, I needed a translator just to glean even the smallest shred of substance from our morning huddles.

As I (slowly) started to get a handle on what our in-house paid search experts were going on about, I wrote up this handy cheat sheet for when those meetings got too hairy. I’d like to share that cheat sheet with you today because, hey, there’s no greater gift than the gift of knowledge. Just don’t say I never did nothin’ for ya.

Paid Search: Contextual advertising. Business owners pay an fee relative to key metrics like impressions or click-throughs to push their website to the top of search engine result pages.

Impression: A point in which an ad is viewed once by a visitor.

Click-Through Rate (CTR): A ratio that describes the number of times a user clicks on an ad divided by the number of people who have viewed it.

Cost Per Click (CPC): A formula used by internet marketers to determine the pricing of online advertisements. Advertisers pay publishers based on the number of clicks a specific ad gets.

Quality Score: Google AdWords calculates a Quality Score for each keyword. It evaluates various factors to determine   how relevant your keyword is to your ad copy and to what the user is actually looking for.

Cost Per Acquistion (CPA): A type of advertising where payment is withheld until a user performs a specific reaction as a direct result of the ad.

Content Network: A partnership of websites that show ads served by a network in return for a cut of the revenue they generate.

Ad Group: A set of one or more ads which target a specific keywords, placements or both.



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Tyler Moran

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