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Keep it simple stupid: SEO

Feb 3 • Website • 7713 Views • Comments Off on Keep it simple stupid: SEO • By Tom Morang

A lot of people I’ve spoken with over 2013 have brought up questions of value and returns on their search engine optimization efforts. They want to make the connection between the amount of money they’ve spent optimizing their website, and how much money that has brought into the company this month. They want that information, and they want it right now.

This isn’t the wrong question to ask, but it’s the wrong way (and the wrong terms) to ask for it. What you really need to do, is discover what value has your website generated for the business. This isn’t value in terms of dollars and cents, but the rather what your site provides to your customer. Customers come to most businesses with problems they’re willing to have solved for a price, but first they need a few questions answered. Here are some examples:

“Does this company have the kind of service I need”

“Is this company qualified and available to address my needs”

“What did other people who used this company before think?”

When your website doesn’t find the time to answer these questions, or buries the answers under slow load times and a hard to use interface, value is lost. The customer leaves because your site didn’t have the information they needed or they simply couldn’t find it. You need to have a site that can answer these questions and be found in those terms.

This is where your website comes in. SEO, social media, PPC… all of these strategies you’ve been developing are really just tactics to provide your customers the answers to their most basic questions before they call you.

So when it comes time to build your SEO strategy for 2014, forget the tags, links and other quick fix gimmicks. Just keep it simple and build a website that works with content that helps your customers. You’ll be spending less time and money on a site that has greater longevity and produces better results.


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Tom Morang

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Internet marketing manager by day, podcast producer by night. I am a life long learner of digital technology and internet marketing strategies. I have a passion for craft beers and expanding my knowledge set.

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