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Is Your Service Business a Persuader or an Influencer?

Jan 26 • Sales • 1210 Views • No Comments on Is Your Service Business a Persuader or an Influencer? • By Steve Teneriello

Ok, before we get into this topic here are the definitions of these two words:

Persuader: to cause to believe; convince: even with the evidence, the police were not persuaded

Influencer: the capacity or power of persons or things to be a compelling force on or produce effects on the actions, behavior, opinions, etc., of others: He used family influence to get the contract.

On the surface- very similar words, however; for your service business and your prospects the meanings are night and day. Let’s discuss the differences in sales and marketing and determine where you fit in and how to benefit from both:

Service Business Sales Persuader

In your service business you may be the sales manager, the salesman, the sales trainer, or the VP of sales. You might be all of the above.

A sales persuader has the following characteristics:

  • Might be a little pushy or cheesy
  • No hard data or information to back up what they are saying
  • Sometimes known as a “hard closer” only looking out for himself or the present moment

The problem with a Sales Persuader is they generally don’t look out for what is best for the customer.

Service Business Sales Influencer

A Sales Influencer has the following characteristics:

  • Has data to back up his pitch with case studies
  • Truly cares about the well-being of the customer
  • Wants you to understand and learn even if you don’t buy from him right there.

The Sales influencer isn’t looking for the quick sale he/she is looking for the long term relationship and wants you to learn.

Service Business Marketing Persuader

Just like the sales persuader the marketing persuader has very similar characteristics:

  • The ‘too good to be true’ messaging’
  • No sense of direction with marketing- has the throw paper to a wall and see what sticks approach
  • Makes you think you need the product even though you may not

This type of marketing works on some people however most block it out completely.

Service Business Marketing Influencer

Now, what you are- a marketing influencer! A Service Business Marketing Influencer:

  • Does not need cheesy catch phrases or over marketing: quality sells
  • Educate…Educate…Educate: Marketing Influencers are always educating
  • Marketing Influencers influence competitors

So which one are you? I bet you are a Marketing & Sales Influencer and combined together you will notice not only a more loyal customer base but you will experience an easier sales cycle and marketing comes natural. Don’t force your marketing!


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