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How to Use Pinterest to Market Your Service Industry Company

Oct 16 • Social Media • 2749 Views • No Comments on How to Use Pinterest to Market Your Service Industry Company • By Alexandra Myers

Pinterest: The social media marketing tool you probably didn’t think would work

Many of our customers in the electric, plumbing, heating, and HVAC industry are looking for more ways to get themselves known in the vast universe that is the Internet.

Everyone knows about the basics of social media – Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. But what about that site known as Pinterest? Ever think of that?

Pinterest is slowly becoming more and more popular every day. Some people use it to find recipes, others use it to plan their wedding, but everyone who uses it does so to pass the time. They scroll and scroll and scroll down the page until they realize they’ve been at it for hours. It’s addicting.

And for companies looking to market themselves on the Internet it’s extremely helpful. Here’s why:

  1. Do-it-Yourself projects: Most Pinterest users are up and coming do-it-yourselfers. Putting step-by-step instructions on how to do simple household repairs on your website and linking them to Pinterest allows users to click onto your site. Once there, they will have the opportunity to browse more, probably hoping you have more do-it-yourself tips.
  2. Recent jobs to showcase what you can do and where: The phrase, “Oh, I saw that on Pinterest” is a pretty popular one among the site’s users. Someone may not need specific work done when they come across a blog post on Pinterest about recent jobs your company did, but they might know someone who does. That results in an, “I saw a company that does that on Pinterest. They’re name is..” and that gives you business.
  3. Original photographs: If you take any photos while on the job or have pictures of products your company sells and installs, uploading them to Pinterest is a good idea. The first thing people see when they scroll down a page full of pins is the photographs. A simple picture with the name of your company and link to the site will grab users’ attention.
  4. Original videos promoting your company: Have any video ads out there? Even if they are just a few seconds long and are posted on your site, people like videos – especially funny ones. If you can get people to watch a ten second clip on why they should choose your company for the services they need, you may have just gotten yourself some business.
  5. OffersPeople love coupons. They might not even really need what you’re offering, but seeing a coupon gets them thinking – “Should I just get this now while they are running a deal?”


Trust us – Pinterest has the potential to be just as much of a beneficial online marketing tool for any business as Facebook and Twitter does. You just have to give it a shot. Get pinning!


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Alexandra Myers

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