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Social Media in the Real Word

How to Leverage your Social Media Profiles in the Real World

Jan 8 • Advertising, Social Media • 7915 Views • No Comments on How to Leverage your Social Media Profiles in the Real World • By Tom Morang

Social Media is great, right? You can reach all sorts of people over the internet, pushing your information directly to do them. You can get reviews, share your blogs, and inform your customers on the latest deals your company has to offer.

But how the heck do you get people to like / follow you?

In truth, social networks do little to nothing for your business if no one is there to hear what you have to say. So what’s the plan? Here are some simple strategies to help you position your social media profiles in front of your customers and gain those followers:

Actually Have Content

The best thing you can do for your social media profile, is actually use it. Pushing out relevant content to your would be followers is key if you actually people to be apart of your network. Think of it like a trade show: if you get a table, but don’t have anything to show, who is going to stop by? You might get a few passersby who will look at you as they go about their business, but you’re not going to be making any connections, and certainly not selling anything.

Word of Mouth

What an over-used phrase. Basically, word of mouth is exactly what is sounds like: tell your customers that you’re on Facebook and other social sites, encouraging them to join. Be sure to let them know that you post new blogs, deals, and company information on these sites. Eventually, they’ll let their friends and family members know about your business and your customer base will begin to grow.

Leverage Your Other Assets

Do you have print advertising that you send out? TV or Radio ads? Be sure that these other marketing assets you have include your social media profiles somewhere on them. Have a wrapped van or service truck? Consider technology like QR codes to link to your website and social media sites.

Friends and Family

Be sure to ask your friends and family to follow your company on Facebook or other sites. Even if they don’t live around your business, they could still share your posts with their followers, generating site traffic.

The most important takeaway from these strategies, is that you need content to fuel your social channels. Even if you take hours out of the day, invest a ton of money in advertising, and let the world know that your company is on Facebook, no one will care if there isn’t anything there to interact with.

If you need help generating some new ideas for posts on social media, give me a call: 978-241-7326. I’d love to share some new ideas to spice up your social networks.



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