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How To Create Value From A Failed Sales Lead

Nov 21 • Content Marketing, Lead Generation, Sales • 4844 Views • No Comments on How To Create Value From A Failed Sales Lead • By Tom Morang

In the service industry, not every call that you receive is a customer you’ll do business with. Often times, customers will call your business looking for a quote, or with questions about a particular service and before you know it, a half hour has blown by with no sale.

Frustrating? Yes. A waste of time? Only if you let it be.

Believe it or not, you just dug up a whole heaping pile of content ideas, even though you didn’t book a call from the job. In the long talk you just had, your customer raised their thoughts and concerns about the service they were seeking, looking for answers. Each question a customer asks is actually a great idea for a blog post or newsletter article. Even if the call just ended up being a concern over price or the cost of a dispatch fee, you can use those questions to formulate blog posts that address those issues. For example, if a customer doesn’t want to pay a dispatch fee and hangs up the phone, write a blog post about why dispatch fees are required. The information might reach them before they make the call and alter their opinion on the matter.

So here’s what you need to do to start blogging about your failed calls today:

Step 1) Record the information: Whether you have call tracking software or you’re writing down each question during the call, taking down what the specific question was is critical to writing the perfect blog post.

Step 2) Find the expert: Find the person in your company that can answer the customer asked with the most authority. If that isn’t you, highlight that person in the blog post (example: Tech Expert interview with our service technician, Tom).

Step 3) Write and publish the blog: Even if its a short 150-200 words, addressing a customer questions honestly and directly can relieve some of the customer some hesitations in the buying process.

Think of these blog posts as sales pieces. Sure, you may not be in the business of chasing sales leads for service calls, but consider the small amount of effort it takes to answer a simple question, write it down, and throw it online. These pieces can be easily sent to customers via email or shared on social media, addressing their issues and keeping you at top of mind.

If you need help writing these blog posts or translating the flurry of questions a customer might toss at you into a comprehensible blog post, give us a call and we’ll talk: 978-241-7326.



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