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How Email Marketing Will Benefit Your Business

Feb 5 • Advertising, Lead Generation, Water Cooler • 6351 Views • Comments Off on How Email Marketing Will Benefit Your Business • By Alexandra Myers

Is Your Internet Marketing Company Doing it Right?

When was the last time your internet marketing company asked you about email marketing? If you can’t remember, then it’s time you listened to us.

At Service Inbound, our graphics department custom makes email campaigns suited to your needs, and what services you want to push. While that all sounds well and good, you might be wondering what you’d gain from this service. Well, get comfortable and read on.

How Email Marketing Will Benefit Your Business

  1. Drive traffic to your website: Opening up the email, all a customer has to do is click around and they’ll be smack dab in the middle of your website reading about your company and the service you are offering. Once they are there, they can choose to inquire further. But the important thing is they now know where to find you if ever they do need a service performed.
  2. Making the phone ring: Your goal – and ours – is to generate leads and get your phone to ring. We want you to make money. Customers that are reading these emails will all of a sudden now think about that broken furnace they’ve been meaning to get fixed, or that water heater they needed replaced. It brings your company to the top of their mind.
  3. Let your customers know about deals and offers: Many people will skip over emails unless there’s something in it they really need. If you promote an offer in the email right away, customers are likely to take action. Why not have repair work done now while there’s a deal going on?
  4. Build loyalty: Don’t want to push a service, but still want to be remembered by your customers? Send out a newsletter with company information, your favorite sub shop in the area, or what community involvement you’ve recently participated in. It shows you care about your customers without necessarily pushing a service on them all the time.
  5. Receive valuable feedback: The emails we send out are followed by progress reports – who opened the email, what page did they go to on the website, who (if anyone) unsubscribed, etc. This is important information because you’ll know what people want to read about, and you’ll know who to target for next time.

Our Customer’s Success

We recently sent out a furnace replacement email for one of our clients. Within minutes of that email being sent, they received a phone call from a customer interested in a furnace replacement. Success doesn’t look much better than that!


Here are some other statistics from another client’s recent email blast: Out of the 823 contacts it was sent to, 269 contacts opened it (444 times), and 5% clicked (that means 41 contacts clicked on it 68 times). It may not seem significant, but that’s 68 customers going to the website to learn more about the service this client is providing. That’s 68 more customers than you had inquiring before the email was sent out.

When it comes to email marketing, Service Inbound does it the best. As we said before, if you haven’t been asked about it before, it’s time to start thinking about what you could be missing. To learn more about how your company could benefit from our email marketing service, call us today: 978-241-7319.


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