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Google+ Profile Page Redesign

Nov 14 • Social Media • 5018 Views • No Comments on Google+ Profile Page Redesign • By Tom Morang

Apparently I wasn’t the only one who wasn’t particularly fond of the Google+ cover photo. With the new redesign, your photo will be fully viewable next to your profile box (see screenshot). The proportions seem the same, so don’t rush to make an adjustment just yet.

This is a good time to review your Google+ Profile! Here is a quick checklist to make sure that you’re taking full advantage of what Google+ has to offer:

1) Update your Circles: Segmenting who you share content with can be just as crucial as the content itself! Take a run through your circles and add some more friends to keep your network growing!

2) Update your Links: Have another blog, personal website, or content channel like YouTube or Vimeo? Make sure all of your content is not only shared over Google+ but linked into the profile itself. Head on over to the Links section of your profile and update any new sites you might be working with.

3) Authorship: Are you getting the proper credit for your work? Make sure that all of your blog posts have authorship set up properly. If you’re not sure, use this tool from Google  to test your URL.


4) Tags: Are you properly tagging each post? Using the # feature isn’t just for Twitter!

5) Share More: If you haven’t shared in anything in awhile, it won’t matter how big your network size is. Starting sharing some new content and keep the conversation going.


This profile redesign has gone over pretty quietly, and I’m sure it won’t be the last time something sneaks by. Stay tuned for more updates on Google+ and other social media channels and if you need some helping keeping up with everything, give us a call 978-241-7326. We can help.


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