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Google Glass, A Technician’s Best Friend

Nov 15 • Uncategorized • 4323 Views • No Comments on Google Glass, A Technician’s Best Friend • By Tom Morang

Ever had a frustrated technician out in the field with a problem that you needed to see to believe?It happens all the time in this line of work. But for your technician, fumbling with a camera to try and snap a photo and then text or email it back to you, all while taking directions from the customer, can be very chaotic. Even with the prevalence of camera phones and the usefulness of Skype, Facetime, or other video technology, these situations can still stretch everybody pretty thin.

Enter Google Glass.

This gadget is going to change everything for the service technician. For those of you not familiar with Google Glass (from here on referred to as Glass), it is an incredible piece of technology. Basically, Glass is technology you wear on your head like normal eyeglasses. There is a small glass screen that holds a small display. This display can only been seen by you and can be used to take and photos or video as well as browse the internet with many more features to come.

I recently had an opportunity to try out a pair and I was blown away. Simply speaking this small device allows you to control its basic functions. Saying something like “Glass, take a picture” quick snaps a photo of what you are looking at. The photo instantly gets sent to your phone and you’re good to go.

Now imagine that same issue of a technician in the field with a major issue. Rather than attempting to describe the issue audibly or texting pictures back and forth, the technician can simply say “start a video chat with the office” and boom, you’re seeing what your tech is seeing. Voice and video married together in a streaming service will connect you with your technicians in ways that simply weren’t possible before.

Google Glass is still in development but will hopefully be available soon, so stayed tuned. Learn more from Google here.



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