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Google AdWords Management Tips: How to Take Advantage of the Weather

Oct 28 • Advertising • 3378 Views • No Comments on Google AdWords Management Tips: How to Take Advantage of the Weather • By Steve Teneriello

To me, developing weather driven campaigns is a sport. It is fun to get them launched and out the door. Snow, sleet, rain, hurricanes, heat waves – these are all great weather driven events where you can rake in a good run of sales, not to mention making sure your techs get their exercise.  A good weather campaign can fill up your schedule pretty quick.  Make the most out of your PPC budget by being in the right place at the right time with a properly crafted weather campaign.

Given the nature and speed of Google AdWords it only takes a few hours to build a weather-driven campaign.  As a seasoned AdWords manager, I often find myself playing weather man for my clients – trying to latch onto a wave of unplanned opportunity.  Staging a weather related campaign often means my team is putting in some serious overtime hours and my clients need to get prepared for the rush.  Scheduling employee resources, ordering enough material like sump pumps for rain events and being responsive at all hours are key elements to a successful campaign.  Here are five examples of tactical executions we would implement during a weather event:

-Work in the name of the storm to the ad copy, ie. “Hurricane Sandy Flood your Basement?”

-Increase bids on mobile devices and create mobile website landing pages with click to call functionality, especially if the weather event knocks out electricity to homes and businesses. The majority of weather related lead generation volume and opportunity comes by way of mobile search and this number is increasing.

-Create specific graphics and landing pages for the campaign – making our clients’ websites as relevant as possible to increase conversions.

-Create special storm savings, offers or promotions.

-We can order a dedicated storm phone number and use this phone number for storm related campaign materials, tracking the effectiveness and performance of the weather event.

If you haven’t experienced the rush of a weather related Google AdWords campaign than you are missing out.  Work on putting together an internal operations plan for weather and natural disaster related events.  Here are things you should work on before executing a weather campaign:

-Make sure you have lines of communication open with your AdWords manager.  A company like mine will weather out the storm with you.

– If you are running on a VOIP system or do not have automatic standby power make sure to have a number of fully charged cell phones ready to go.

-Create a weather event script.  It is easy to book up fast so make sure your CSR’s properly set customer expectations with a custom call script.

-Prevent cancellations with an automated email campaign for clients who are sitting in the dispatch queue.

-Document sales opportunities and follow-up after the storm.   It is easy to temporarily fix a problem and run off to the next service call and completely forget about the larger scope opportunity.

-Stock your trucks and warehouse with storm related products.  Make sure your equipment is in good working order.

-Properly set employee expectations, rules and responsibilities for storm coverage.

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