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Google AdWords for Plumbers – Get a Better Result by Timing your Ads

Oct 22 • Advertising • 21699 Views • No Comments on Google AdWords for Plumbers – Get a Better Result by Timing your Ads • By Steve Teneriello

A smart way to make the most of your Google AdWords investment is to be logical about positioning your services by the time of day.  Let’s take a look at water heaters as an example.  Companies like Home Depot, Lowes, Sears and other big box stores run 24-hour national campaigns for water heater replacement terms.  You have to be smart about going up against a company who will outspend you.  In this example the big box stores are completely happy to pay $30-$60 per click and book a water heater sale at a 2-3% net profit, because for them it is a numbers game on a national scale.

For most plumbers, running a local water heater campaign can bleed a budget dry pretty quick if not managed properly. Here’s an obvious way to make your paid search dollars work harder for you.  Run your water heater campaigns from 4AM to 10:30AM and from 7:00PM to 11:00PM every day. Here’s why:  most demand opportunity, where there is an immediate need with a qualified prospect will take place when they are most likely to use the appliance and experience a problem.  In the case of water heaters, most people will jump into their shower expecting hot water only to get stung with a splash of cold water.   Identify the time of day where your prospects’ pain is most likely to happen and optimize your campaigns to capture this opportunity. Optimizing your campaigns includes setting up your ads to run on a specific schedule with ad copy that is relevant to this time-based strategy.  In the case of an early morning water heater campaign your ad copy should include calls to action that includes urgency statements such as:

“Same Day Water Heater Replacement”
“Same Day Service Guaranteed”
“Call Now and Get Emergency Service”
“Call Before 11AM to Get Service Today”
“We Restore Hot Water Same Day”

Remember, the best way to attract an ideal client via paid search is to identify the client who needs service now.  Think of other situations, products or services where you can optimize campaigns by time of day, capture demand opportunity and spread this strategy across all your services.

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