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How to Get Local Online Reviews

Nov 4 • Advertising, Lead Generation, Social Media • 2756 Views • No Comments on How to Get Local Online Reviews • By Tom Morang

The coveted online review: that seemingly unattainable chunk of gold that shows prospective customers on the internet that other people don’t hate you. It would seem that obtaining great reviews that accurately represent you and your company is like pulling teeth, while that one customer who didn’t get everything they wanted is practically writing a book about their experience.

So how is your company tackling this challenge? Here is a basic outline of what we offer to our customers here at Service Inbound:


The goal of the Tech Review page is to publish positive reviews online with the least amount of effort on your customers end and to capture the negative reviews before they hit the web. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Your customer either follows a link from your site or receives an email pointing them to the review page.

Step 2: Your customer is given a choice: Did they have a good experience or a bad experience?

  • Good Experience: The customer is sent to a review site (Google Local, Yellow Pages, Yelp, etc)
  • Bad Experience: The customer is sent to a contact form that connects to the business owner.


Simple yet effective. You’re basically taking your customers down a path:.. When they’re happy, we put them online to the review sites you care about. When they’re not so happy, we put them into direct contact with you.

Having a direct line of communication with the business owner (or someone of actual power within the company) makes the customer feel like they’ve won. They had an issue and now they get to go straight to the top. This will, most of the time, keep them off the review sites scolding your company for it’s less than expected performance. You even have the opportunity to turn an upset customer into a champion for you and your brand if you handle their complaint properly. Direct communication is key for strong customer retention.

As an added bonus, we make it a bit of internet magic that sends happy customers to any amount of your favorite review sites. Let’s say you want to focus on Yelp, Google+, and Facebook for your review strategy. We can build your system that will pick one of those sites at random (or focused on site) so you know people are going where you want them to.

Taking charge of your online presence means many things these days, and reviews are just one of items on the check list. There are hundreds of ways to address this issue and Tech Reviews is just one. If you’d like to learn more about Tech Reviews, or just reviews in general, give us a call here at the Service Coach: 978-241-7326. We can walk you through getting Tech Reviews set up for your business or even help create a new service just for you.



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