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Facebook Tests Displaying Reviews

Nov 8 • Advertising, Content Marketing, Lead Generation, Social Media • 3630 Views • No Comments on Facebook Tests Displaying Reviews • By Tom Morang

In a recent article, TechCrunch identified that Facebook has been testing displaying star ratings on their business pages. This could have huge implications for the service companies and all should take this as an opportunity to audit their own Facebook reviews.

Is Facebook a part of your review strategy? Here’s how to begin preparing your reviews for the new star rankings:


1) Finding the rankings on page:

The “reviews” section is pretty well hidden. Placed well below the fold, you’ll find your company’s reviews section in the right column under the recent posts box. See the screenshot below.

cranney reviews

2) Analyze your current reviews:

Now that you’ve found your reviews, how do they look? If you’ve got a good amount of 4 or 5 star ratings, you should be alright. If you’re at 3 or below, you’ll want to start aggressively seeking positive reviews to get that rank up.


3) Contacting your current Facebook Following:

If you’ve been doing any work on Facebook at all, chances are you have a follower (likes) or two. Begin a campaign that politely asks for reviews and include an email address or phone number to assist any previous customers who might not know how. An example of effectives posts could be the follow:

“Hey Fans of X, we want to know how we’re doing! Did you know you can leave us a review right here on Facebook? Leave us a message today under our reviews section and let everyone know why you loved your X experience!”


4) Soliciting new followers and reviews:

Maybe you don’t have as many Facebook likes as you’d like. There are hundreds of strategies that could be applied to get new likes and reviews, but for now let’s review the most genuine one.

As your technicians leaves a home or worksite, have them inform the customer of the Facebook group and politely ask for a review. A person to person invitation goes a lot further than plastering your account all over your emails and website, and will result in a much higher rate of success. If your technician did a great job, you’ll get a great review and it’s as simple as that.


Be prepared for the future

Sites like Facebook, Google and Twitter will always be changing their game to further better their user experience. As a company trying to maintain a positive image on these sites, your job is to keep up-to-date with the latest changes. At Service Inbound, we can help – give us a call (978-241-7326) and we’ll get your Facebook feeds filled with the best reviews we can muster.

Read the original article here.



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