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Contractor Selling: 5 Weekend Sales & Service Adjustments for your Home Services Business

Mar 15 • Sales • 4581 Views • No Comments on Contractor Selling: 5 Weekend Sales & Service Adjustments for your Home Services Business • By Steve Teneriello

It’s Saturday afternoon around 2:00 – doing my thing at the coffee shop listening to some Bob Marley and my clients have already generated a total of 87 inbound calls so far through paid search and local SEO executions.  I love Saturdays.  Most inbound activity in any service business I have managed happens on Saturday.  And it is one of the only days throughout the week where the cost to make the phone ring is extremely low.  The average cost to make my clients phone ring this Saturday:

  • HVAC service & repair lead:  $27.24
  • Plumbing lead:   $18.74
  • Electrical lead:  $16.92

I make it a point to now and then listen in to my clients’ actual calls through call tracking technology to get a feel for lead quality and call to booking conversion.  Here are some tips to make the most out of your weekend inbound call activity:

1. Answer the phone –  More than half of the calls I listen into that go to voicemail result in a hangup or missed opportunity.  Make sure to answer the phone live within the first ring.  If you source your call center over the weekend make sure your call center has a service level agreement where they too guarantee a live operator on the first ring.

2. Eliminate Saturday service call fees –  Prospects are going to shop your weekend emergency service call fees. Be the company they call that does not charge Saturday service call fees. Reduce your barriers to entry by treating Saturday as a normal business day.

3. Staff saturday as you would any other day –  Be prepared for routine service calls on Saturday.  Your best people should be working on your busiest day.

4. Spend heavy – Push your paid search strategy budget in full throttle mode and don’t be afraid to spend heavy.  Your ROI will be there.   Most PPC guys are 99 percenters and are not around to make quick changes to paid search campaigns over the weekend. They’re still sleeping.  Slight changes in budget and bids will place you on top.  Find yourself an aggressive PPC manager (like The Service Coach) who will be there to manage your budget.

5. Develop a weekend advertising plan –  Change your paid search ads on the weekend so they reflect your availability and competitiveness.  Your changes will need to be posted late on Friday so you get the full effect over the weekend.  You can work in phrases like:

  • “Available for Saturday Same Day Service”
  • “No Weekend Service Call Fees”


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