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Content is King: It’s about people, not Google

Jan 9 • Advertising, Content Marketing, Lead Generation • 6736 Views • Comments Off on Content is King: It’s about people, not Google • By Tom Morang

There are some SEO companies out there who would have you believe that with some luck and Internet trickery, they can have you to the number 1 spot in Google in no time at all. They aren’t necessarily wrong. Truth be told, the search engine marketing tactics that hit Google below the belt and get high rankings without deserving it, or at least knock out the sites that do.

Yes the sad truth is that the dark side of SEO, often referred to as Black Hat, will work. It’s ever changing and often times even a few steps ahead of Google.

So why doesn’t everyone choose the path of the darkside? Why don’t we all take the quick way out and force pagerank onto each other with dirty trick after dirty trick?

Because getting people to your site is less than half of the battle when it comes to converting online.

Converting a customer online means a lot of things for a lot of different companies. For service industry companies, that’s getting the phone to ring with a qualified customer who is going to book a service. Simply getting to the top of the page in Google will only bring customers to the site, it’s your site and your site’s content that will actually get the customer to make the call and book your appointment.

Think of it this way: Let’s say you’re looking for a car on a road with 10 different car dealerships on it. The first dealership you hit is this dingy, disorganized, pit of broken down cars with a fast talking salesmen who is pushing some piece of junk on you. It’s the first dealership in the line-up, but you’re put off by the general lack of professionalism and over skeezy feel of the place. You may not find the company you want to do business with, or the car you want to buy until two or three lots down the street.

Now a dangerous company in this scenario, is the company that looks good, has what the customer wants and delivers it a way they understand and can appreciate. Not only will customers arrive at their company first, but will also stay because they found what they needed.

This same principle applies to every single company website in existence. No exceptions.

The content on your site rules conversion, Google is just a tool to get people there. Fortunately for you, Google understands this relationship and attempts to build their algorithm around this theory.

Take a moment today and review your site. Get a fresh set of eyes on it, someone who doesn’t know anything about your company or the industry and ask them a question: does this site do X. Notice their reaction and see how long it takes them to accomplish what you would want a customer to accomplish on a site.

If you don’t like what you see, give us a call and we’ll have a search specialist here at Service Inbound dig deep into your site and figure out what’s going on. Call today: 978-241-7326.


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Tom Morang

Internet Marketing Manager at The Service Coach
Internet marketing manager by day, podcast producer by night. I am a life long learner of digital technology and internet marketing strategies. I have a passion for craft beers and expanding my knowledge set.

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