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Advanced Social Media Automation with IFTTT

Nov 22 • Advertising, Content Marketing, Social Media • 5090 Views • No Comments on Advanced Social Media Automation with IFTTT • By Tom Morang

There are many tools out there in the web that can facilitate the automation of social media posting, but few are as intricate and deep as If This Then That (IFTTT). Even less are free.

We’ve already discussed how to setup some basic automation with this tool in a past post, so today we can drill a bit deeper.

As mentioned before, IFTTT works through channels and triggers: places where information comes from or goes to and the events that cause that information transfer to occur. Today, lets look in depth at the Weather channel (provided by Yahoo) as a trigger.

We have access to a lot of information through this channel. Here are some of the triggers available:

– Today’s Weather Report (as text)
– Tomorrow’s Weather Report
– Current Temperature Drops Below
– Current Temperature Rises Above
– Current Condition Changes To (Rain, Snow, Cloudy, Clear)
– Tomorrow’s Low Drops Below
– Tomorrow’s High Rises Above
– Tomorrow’s Forecast Calls For (Conditions)
– Sunrise
– Sunset
– Windspeed Rises Above
– Current Pollen Count Rises Above
– Current Humidity Level Rises Above
– Current UV Index Rises Above

That is a huge amount of information that we can work with to develop targeted social media posts to your audience.

Let’s take a look at an example:

You own an electrical company in Florida and you make a killing off of generator sales. As you approach hurricane season, you know there is bound to be plenty of power outages in your service area and that you should be seeing your generator sales being to pick up in the next few weeks. In response, you prepare some generator installation coupons and blog posts about the topic to prepare your customers for the worst.

With IFTTT you can set that anytime strong winds and rain pick up, a message goes out to your social channels.

For example:

“Hey Southern Florida, tomorrow will have winds over 50 mph! This might cause power outages in your area, are you prepared for the worst? Check out our latest deals on new generator installs today:”

Another example: how about an HVAC company?

“Hey South Florida, tomorrow is going to be 90 degrees out, how’s your air conditioner working? Call us today for a discounts on an AC tune up: 888-888-8888”

Yet Another: air quality your thing?

“Hey South Florida, the pollen count today probably has you feeling pretty uncomfortable. Improve your air quality today at

The key here is to find a value that you can bring your customers by deliver your service offerings when they need it most. For the service industry, many aspects of your business revolves around the weather. IFTTT allows you reach your audience in their time of need with only a few minutes of setup time.

The possibilities are endless.

Interested in learning about different strategies utilizing tools like IFTTT for your business? Give us a call and we can discuss how social media automation can enhance your profile today.


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