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5 Tips for Small Businesses – How to Use Facebook

Mar 16 • Social Media, Website • 6185 Views • No Comments on 5 Tips for Small Businesses – How to Use Facebook • By Steve Teneriello

Let’s assume that you’re smart enough to know that your business should be connecting with social media like Facebook and you have an account set up. That’s the first step. Now what?

Using Facebook means using—adding friends and expanding your network of customers and business partners. How do you attract more people to your network?

Here are five tips to give you a few ideas for using Facebook for your business.

*  Ask for “likes” and “friends”: You need to connect to more people by periodically reminding users to connect to your page by “liking” your page. This recommends your page to the users own network of friends, who may also recommend your site.

* Add fresh content to your Facebook page. Use the site and other social network accounts to post announcements like upcoming events, promotions and product rollouts. Always be adding new content and postings. Facebook is about connecting with people in the moment—about what’s happening today, not last week.

* Integrate social media with your website. There should be links on your website to your Facebook page, and vice versa. Your website can provide content for your Facebook page, including links. But the content needs to be fresh.

* Facebook is an opportunity to personalize your company and brand. Connect with your customers. Say hello!

* Commit to it. Connecting with customers through social media is not something to relegate to an intern.


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