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4 Ways to Optimize and Extend the Life of Print, Radio and TV Ads with Your Website

Nov 14 • Advertising • 7336 Views • No Comments on 4 Ways to Optimize and Extend the Life of Print, Radio and TV Ads with Your Website • By Steve Teneriello

Stretch every marketing dollar. Reduce the cost for client acquisition. Invest in marketing and advertising vehicles that yield big returns and ROI. Track, measure, and repeat. That’s the name of the marketing and business development game and it’s something we work very hard at every day for each of our clients.
As you already know, not all advertising and marketing vehicles are created equal. In some markets, the Yellow Pages still work. Radio and TV, when executed correctly, can be extremely effective no matter where you are. And direct mail can deliver huge returns when designed and implemented properly.
Before you launch a new marketing campaign, you should be asking yourself 3 very important questions:
How can I use traditional media and print applications to increase conversions?
How can I make the most of the budget for this campaign?
How can I maximize the shelf life of this campaign?
In the past few months, we’ve built a large number of furnace replacement campaigns in a variety of different markets so we’ll use these as an example here.

Vanity URL and Landing Pages
One of the most effective ways to capture and convert more leads is to add a dedicated landing page to your website. This will be built specifically to push your campaign. A good landing page has a direct offer, original sales copy and graphics and, most importantly, a call to action.

For print, radio and TV ads, you can purchase a vanity URL like, FresnoFurnace, or you can create an extension off of your domain name like A vanity URL is a simple, but powerful way to communicate your message and it also helps push people to your website. To track the performance of a specific campaign, install Google Analytics on to each landing page so you can see exactly how many people went to your website as a direct result of your ad. This will give you real insight into how effective these each advertising channel (print, radio, TV) are performing.

Google AdWords
In the advertising world, there is a problematic concept called “educating your market.” Here’s an example: CVS releases a TV commercial reminding everyone to get a flu shot and you head over to your local Walgreens to get vaccinated. CVS ‘educated’ you by reminding you to get a flu shot hoping you would come to them, but you went to one of their competitors instead. This concept rings especially true for market leaders who invest heavily in radio and TV. When you educate your market or you are the first company to, in service industry terms, advertise furnace tune ups, you could be indirectly helping your competitors.

We create specific Google AdWords campaigns to protect our clients from losing valuable web traffic. This web “reinforcement” execution will actually help reduce the overall performance of off page executions. And if you are not a big market leader, you can easily take advantage of the bigger guys by having our team strategically develop low cost AdWords campaigns that piggy back their radio and TV ads.

Remarketing and Display Campaigns
Unlike furnace repair or emergency heating service, which requires little or no sales process other than a CSR conversation, a furnace replacement opportunity can take up to 90 days to close. On each landing page we create for our clients, we can actually extend the life of print, radio and TV ads with remarketing. Remarketing campaigns or stalking campaigns, as I like to call them, I like to call them are very inexpensive to run and easy to manage. These are the display or banner ads you see when you go to news sites, music sites or even on Facebook. They keep your company and message at the top of your prospects’ mind as they conduct research on the web.

Dedicated Phone Number
Unless you are trying to brand a phone number like 1-800-FURNACE for example, use a local tracking number to track campaign performance. You can place the phone number in your radio, TV or print ad along with your landing page. This will give you a pretty accurate ROI for the campaign.

Learn more about extending the life of all your advertising channels by visiting, or calling us at 978-241-7326.



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