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4 Things You Can Do Right Now To Improve Your Social Media Profile

Jan 7 • Sales, Social Media • 9025 Views • No Comments on 4 Things You Can Do Right Now To Improve Your Social Media Profile • By Tom Morang

Facebook profile a bit stale? Is your Tweeting too flat? Are you wondering how you can beef up your social media profile without committing too much time? Here are four quick tips that you can do right now:

1) Update your profile: Updating your information breathes a bit of life back into a dull and boring page. Maybe you could beef up your About Page, or update that old profile picture with something new. Once you’ve done so, send out a message letting people know about the change. Just use this tactics sparingly.

2) More than Words: You can only get so far on words alone. Spice up your content with some new photos, or maybe even a video. Generally, this kind of content is more engaging and will draw in more people.

3) Grow Your Network: Go out into the world wide web and see if there aren’t some new people worth a follower or friend. Growing your network size and help increase your reach.

4) Check Out the Competition: See what your competitors are doing online. While its never a good idea to steal ideas, you might find yourself inspired by something they aren’t doing. You might not be as bad as you thought when you see some of the other companies out there!

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