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2014 Internet Marketing Checklist

Dec 9 • Advertising, Content Marketing, Lead Generation, Mobile, Sales, Technology, Website • 5957 Views • No Comments on 2014 Internet Marketing Checklist • By Tom Morang

As we near the end of 2013, I’m sure you’re taking some time and thinking about how the year went for your business and what you need to do for 2014. One topic that should be on top of mind for all service industry business owners is their web presence.

How did your website site and presence online affect your business this year? Here are 10 questions to evaluate your footing online for 2014:

1. How many phone calls did my website generate me this year?

2. Of those calls, how many were calls we actually wanted?

3. Does my website actually represent who we are as a company and what we do?

4. Can people find my website online?

5. When they get to my site, is it easy to find information?

6. What other places can people find information about my business online?

7. Is our website growing?

8. Whose job is it up update the website?

9. How often is our website updated?

10. Is our website worth our customer’s time?


Trying to answer these questions might tell you that you haven’t been in control of your website this year. In 2014, that needs to change.

Give us a call at Service Inbound (978-241-7326) and we can help you gain control and grow your website in the new year.


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Tom Morang

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Internet marketing manager by day, podcast producer by night. I am a life long learner of digital technology and internet marketing strategies. I have a passion for craft beers and expanding my knowledge set.

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