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10 Things You Should Never Do On Your Company’s Social Media Profile

Nov 20 • Advertising, Content Marketing, Lead Generation, Social Media • 13950 Views • No Comments on 10 Things You Should Never Do On Your Company’s Social Media Profile • By Tom Morang

Social Media is hard. It is hard to find make great content that people will love to share, hard to connect with the right people will engage with your brand online, and even harder to find all the time to manage it. Do you know what is really easy though? Messing it up. Here are 10 things you should NEVER do on your company’s social media profile.

1) It isn’t YOUR profile it’s the Company’s

This social media profile belongs to your company, not you. You shouldn’t be pushing your own opinions through the company’s voice. Highly opinionated posts can push away customers that don’t agree with your point of view, which is unfortunate because that has nothing to do with the service you provide. You shouldn’t be losing a customer over a political debate, you should be gaining them through stellar service.

2) Not Posting Enough

If your Facebook wall is a ghost town, people won’t stick around long. People want interesting content that sticks with them and can be shared. Photos, videos, links to blogs or other relevant info is great stuff to share. Watch how people interact with the content you share: how can you improve the content that you’re sharing, or even when you’re sharing it?

3) Posting Too Much

As with all things in life there such a thing as too much. Way too much. You don’t want to be considered spam, so take it easy if you have a lot of content to share. Try and think about how often you would want to see an ad pop up in your feed (that is how posts can be seen sometimes!). Keep your customer in mind and be respectful of their time: share the best content, not the most.

4) Complaining About Customers

While a good, juicy, rant about a customer might be fun and entertaining, many customers might think twice about giving your company a call in fear of hitting the spotlight. Keep the negatives off of social media and focus on the positive. Just had a great service call? Encourage the client to leave a review on your Facebook page, it is a great way to have positive attention brought to your brand.

5) Using Material That Isn’t Yours (and not saying that you did)

Sharing content online is a fun and engaging way to mix it up with your audience, but make sure credit is given where it is due. Never use a video, image, etc that you found somewhere else and say it is yours. Even though the Internet is a big place you run into the risk of being caught, demeriting your brand online. Acceptable forms of sharing content could be linking to the original site you found the image or video and mentioning where you found it in the post.

6) Getting Off Topic

In general, people who visit your social media profiles are there for you. While the latest YouTube video might be fun and entertaining to watch, it isn’t why someone has visited your page. In most cases, this will come off as unprofessional and steer customers away. Don’t confuse this with hopping onto an Internet trend, like our good friends at Approved Comfort did with this funny video.

7) Not Talking Back

If someone has taken the time out of their day to write you a message, respect that. For better or worse, you have effected them greatly enough that they felt the need to reach out to you. If it is a positive note, thank them for their time. If it is something negative, take them aside and see how you can remedy the issue. NEVER FIGHT A CUSTOMER OVER THE INTERNET. If a topic gets out of hand, offer to address the issue in private.

8) Cross Posting

Different sites having different ways of communicating. Consider Twitter and Facebook for instance: one uses a small amount of characters and organizers called “hashtags”, the other has a much larger variety and can be deeply enhanced by videos and photos. Posting your Tweets on Facebook will come off as short and confusing, using hashtags that don’t work the way you want them to and trying to load all the information into Twitter just won’t work either… There aren’t enough characters. Build different strategies for different channels.

9) Selling Too Much

While the goal of any online presence should be to convert a sale, you can’t shove that down people’s throats. Putting up advertisements constantly through your social media sites can come off as too robotic and push customers away. Think of social media as a tool to inform your customer, establishing yourself as an expert in your field. When it comes time to buy, you’ll be on the top of their minds.

10) Bashing Other Companies

Last but certainly not least: be respectful of the competition. No one likes to read one company bash another online, and they won’t tolerate it on your page either. It comes off as unprofessional and will most certainly lead to customers putting you under the same negative light

Having problems? We can help.

These tactics can be tricky, and even the most well meaning posts can be harmful to your profile if not set up properly. If you have questions on what you can do to better your social media presence, give us a call over at the Service Coach and ask for Tom: 978-241-7326.


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